To ensure we attract the right mix of delegates for the event to be vibrant and fruitful for all those making the effort and expense to be there, we will be covering all travel and registration costs for a limited number of bloggers, influencers and media. Should you want to be considered for the same, please mail the following to ASAP. There is no deadline – but the sooner you apply the better your chances of being accepted before all hosted spots fill up.

If you don’t make the cut as a hosted blogger, you can always register at a nominal fee.

* Full Name (Mr. / Ms.)
* Email:
* Mobile:
* Country of Residence:
* Links to blogs / social media that you would like to highlight:
* A few lines about you:
* What kind of an audience do you target your content to?
* What are the key travel themes that you cover?
* What is your preferred mode of content creation – text, photos, videos?
* Where do you engage most with your audience? (Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. – Highlight more than one if relevant)
* What value would you be able to add to Blog IT?
* Do you have some ideas on how we can make the event more useful and exciting?