We are inviting proposals from speakers to add value to the event. You may refer to Conference Agenda to suggest a role for yourself. We are also open to additional topics from you. Do write in to wetravel@kunzum.com with the following information:

* Full Name (Mr. / Ms.)
* Email:
* Mobile:
* Country of Residence:
* Links to blogs / social media that you would like to highlight:
* A few lines about you:
* What would you like to speak about? What is your experience / expertise in this area?
* Would you like to speak solo on stage? If you would like to be on a panel, do you have any other suggested speakers to add to what you have to say?
* How long would you like to present?
* Would you have any special requirements / conditions?

As a speaker, you may also like to note the following:

* Travel Sponsorship: In all likelihood, we will be arranging for all travel and hotel stays for speakers. We may not have the budgets for an appearance fee though. Should these be a condition to your willing to be a speaker, do mention in your proposal.
* FAM Tours: Travel brands and tourism boards are keenly looking to host delegates for FAM trips. You could be on these should there be a fit.