Philippa Jane Kaye

Philippa Kaye is an avid traveller and explorer. Having spent many years scouring the globe and doing various jobs which included being chalet rep in Europe, ca chef in Canada, a walking guide in Austria, a scuba divers assistant in the south of France, and impersonating Shirley Valentine in Greece she discovered India. Whereupon she settled down for several years in London and worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a luxury travel company.

In 2005 she decided to take a six month sabbatical, where she ran a lodge in a tiger reserve in Central India and never went back. Since then she has ridden priceless Marwari horses, been invited to royal weddings, threatened by the local mafia, trekked up the Himalayas, rafted raging white water, been wined and dined by maharajas, slept out under the stars, driven vintage cars, drunk chai in remote villages and been blessed by pandits and priests – In India, she has discovered that anything is possible. She is regularly humbled by and marvels at the ingenuity and resilience of the people she has been fortunate enough to get to know. Philippa currently lives in Delhi, and in addition to consulting for various travel companies, is a travel blogger and public speaker and regularly contributes to the Times of India Group.

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